How to make a weapon that functions like a boomerang?

Is it possible to shoot a weapon that will go in a circular motion and then return to you? If you’ve played Rockman/ Mega Man 1, then the weapon would pretty much be a carbon copy of the Rolling Cutter. I provided an image of the Rolling Cutter from Mega Man down
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I’m not sure about a circular motion, but if you look at grazer’s monkey game, you can see that the enemy hits a block the walks back. So if you have your character throw the boomerang object and spawn a block ahead of the character, and have it hit a that block (which blends in with the background), and make a collision with that block make the boomerang move backwards. And I recommend setting another collision with the boomerang on the invisible “send back” block destroy that block.

That’s the best way I can put it xD

i know cutman’s boomerang shoots toward certain points, you have the boomerang point to these, play an animation as it goes x distance out, and to return use “Point to” behavior with player’s position as input along with a constant forward velocity

i can’t remember what the rolling cutter behaves like

I made a boomerang example a long time ago here:

Thanks grazer!

My boomerang is way better, it’s in this game:

Select the boomerang class

Thanks Latif, yours actually does work better. But can you copy and paste behaviors?

Yes, you can copy and paste behaviors. Choose the “select” tool above the play button and select the behaviors you want. Choose “Copy” in the wheel menu that pops up. Then open your game, edit the behaviors of your object, click the behavior window background, and select “import”. Then paste in the behaviors.

Thanks once more grazer!

um latif, i tried copying yous but its really messy and hard to see what to do, could you post a picture with just the boomerang commad

What do you mean with messy? It’s just:

  1. Open editor
  2. Go to library
  3. Select boomerang object
  4. Open behaviors
  5. Copy
  6. Paste and adjust some things (like extractor object or boomerang range)

Use an emit block in the player if you want it be able to throw boomerangs.