How to make an ahievement

I need help with making an achievement, for some reason, I have the behavior, but it doesn’t show when I test the game.

If you play the game through the editor, you can’t gain the achievement. This prevents players in general from looking at the code and giving themselves the achievement.

I think you have to actually play the game instead of viewing it, then playing it from the editor for the achievements to show up.

oh, ok. thank you for telling me that, I was really confused

i tried that but it didn’t work

Do you have a link to your game?

I also realized that Achievements are an Indie (Premium) only feature. So, if you copied the behavior, had it imported, or previously had Indie, that may be why you can’t edit it or get it to show up.

Alright, here’s the game link

I saw that you have a student account so you do have access to it.

Are you getting a yellow warning above the achievement behavior explaining that “Achievement Updates were disabled by opening the editor”. This is one reason it probably isn’t showing up.

Another is that you don’t have any achievements created. I opened up the editor and looked at the behavior and it still says that an achievement needs to be created. So you open up the Achievement behavior and you should be able to create a new achievement, giving it a short description, title, and a sprite or icon, and then save it.
Hopefully after that, and you select it into the behavior, it’ll start working,

Yes, i saw that in the behavior editor when I was looking at it.

I also did create a achievement for the sprite

well, i thought I created one.

Yeah, sometimes it’s very finicky and doesn’t save initially.
I spent 2 hours working on a sprite for a single achievement and it didn’t save for some reason, but I tried it again and it saved. I would recommend making the sprite or icon on a separate object so you can just easily copy and paste it over instead of fearing losing it like I did, lol.

i just created the achievement

If you select the achievement into the behavior and test it out, it should work.

I tried my game, but it didn’t show the achievement

If it’s still not showing up, try using the link that you provided, which sends you to the play window instead of the editor.

Not sure if you tried, but you can spawn another “New Type 3” closer to the player instead of having to walk the entire distance just to test it.

I checked again and for some reason the Achievement still isn’t selected into the behavior and I can’t view if any were created or not since it’s not my game.

i just tried using the link and it still didn’t show up.

For me, it says you still need to create and select an achievement.