How to make an automatic scroller? (similar to geometry dash)

I plan to make the screen constantly move to the right, and it only stops if the character dies (like geometry dash). How can I do this?

You can place a camera block on your character and make sure it follows the player.
Also remember to set the cameras borders within the area of your level so the camera doesnt view something it shouldnt.
Lastly, make sure that your character is constantly moving one direction. An easy way to do this would be using the run & jump bundle but attaching one direction (Ex. Left) to a always (green battery) block and getting rid of the code for the other direction (Ex. Right), as well as removing the key piece that activates the direction that the always is hooked up to (Ex. Left).

Ask me any questions if you need them, hope this helps!

Look at my game, its an endless runner.
Drive Nero:

Though geometry dash is prebuilt levels where the camera follows the player.

I like your game, it’s not like all the other geometry dash ripoffs, this one actually has a theme, making it unique and, well, not a ripoff. Good job!