How to make an object glow

So I want to make an object glow, how do I do this?

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How do you want it to glow?

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I would use a blur filter and when you make the objects sprite give it a gradiant going outwards from the center, also make it a bright color. Although filters are an indie only feature though.

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“You never shine if you don’t glow
Hey now
You’re an All Star
Get your game on
Jokes aside, maybe you could tell TheFlowingLab how you did the glow effects in Ducky

Use this sprite


And use the blending block to make the light better.


So i copied your code, (if u wondrin Flowlab Game Creator - New Game) but now instead of my fire its now a big blob of darkness, and some other colors if u reload the page.

(c to shoot by the way)