How to make an object point at the player.

I’ve been off flowlab for a while and I forgot a thing I used to be able to do half a month ago. How to make an object point at a player. If anyone could help me out that would be awesome. I’ll probably find out how to do this after I post this. thanks for any help any future humans or aliens or cows of bots have given me.

Use the Point At behavior, and then give it the X and Y position of the player.

…which is what I kind of was asking for @“my_name (<_>)” . thanks. thats totally not how the “Point At” thingy works…

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 12.20.41 PM

heres how i managed to do it. could you be more specific if this isnt what you wanted?

lemme try that

'tis not working ._.
I’m definitely doing something wrong

What exactly isn’t working? Maybe you could post a link to your game so we could try to help more?

Make sure that when you use the extractors you put in both the type and object of the player.

You can also try using a proximity and setting it to a very large size

Le game link of mystery:

Its the black ball with a white “arrow”
damn. I made another game that I deleted that had the code to do it. I forgot how though.

It has to be movable and not affected by gravity
Also make the forward selected down in the properties tab.

Thank you ALOT @“JR 01”. It really did help. thanks again!