How to make another object follow the player

In my game I want to have my player meet another block, and then that block follows the player from a few blocks behind. I tried to ease from the block’s current position to the player’s, but then it’s really close to the player. Is there a way to have it follow the positions, but not be right behind the player?

Could you leave a link to the game?

If its an open area game, you can follow the players X and Y position.
If its a platformer, then you need to create an ai to follow.

Sure, here’s a link
I just finished the Intro and main menu, and so I haven’t done much on the main level. The one that I’m trying to create the following behaviors for is the “Test Follower” Object. For its behaviors I tried to extract the coordinates of the Player, and then only allow the follower to move if it was a certain amount of pixels away, but it lagged and then when it stopped lagging it didn’t seem to work.

It seems you’ll need to make a small ai.
I would copy over the player’s Run & Jump bundle, and then tell it when to move or jump.

Like using extractors to see if the player is too far away, and then making it run and jump to get to the player.

Ok thank you for the help!

If you need a video on an Enemy Al (Enemy Follower) this is the link Feel free to subscribe! I have other videos that are coming out every Thursday!