How to make camera follow smoothly? (SOLVED)

This is my game that I’m working on.
I did the camera following earlier but it was janky so I scrapped it but idk how to make the camera follow smoothly, can u help?

On the Help Page, go to Helpful Examples, and there is one called “Custom Camera - Smooth camera motion”.


I already looked at that and copied the stuff there and put it in my game but it still didn’t do anything idk why

Is the camera behavior on a different object, and is the object movable and nonsolid?

Yeah, it was on an invisible thing behind my character and movable, not solid, no collision, just like in the example but it doesnt work

@PixelPizza I figured out something, nvm


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Hey, when you figure something out, please comment on what was the problem & solution, so the next person doesn’t need to go through the same. :smiley:

@PixelPizza wow youre dark…

I think he was meaning the auto scroll feature for the camera

It’s a joke

I fixed it on accident, I just put a camera on the character, stretched it out to cover where I want, put on auto scroll and yeah, it was an accident lol

uuhhh:Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 10.25.27 PM
@grazer wtf happened?

@glithctyrus reload the website