How To Make Character Crouch While Moving?

sorry sorry people for all the questions in like two days. I just really need some.
Anyways how do i make my character move while crouching. im adding slealth
and ememy AI

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Slow it down when it’s crouched and use a crouch walk animation instead of normal walk.

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thxs for all the help Galactian! Thank you

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one more thing. so i did what you said and if i press the right and left it still shows animation of walking not crouching.

I switch needs to be added to stop the character from using the normal animation while crouching

okay so when player press down switch will turn off the regluar walking then it you can crouch?

Yes, and have the up output of the down turn the switch back on

i am kinda confused. i kinda need a example in like a image or another game. is there another game that is the same as mine. like what im doing?

what you’re doing is perfect