How to make cutscenes in a game where the player object is set to keep between levels

I would like to have cutscenes in the Taile Gamougg series because many people have complained about not understanding what is going on. May someone please show me how to make cutscenes? I also would like to know how to animate them if possible.

It really depends on how elaborate you want your cut scenes. I usually try to put my cut scenes on a separate level because game code and cutscenes code can conflict sometimes. If you are using your character sprite maybe make a duplicate that is only for cut scenes and doesn’t have player input controls. That way you can orchestrate the character movements through the code instead of through the player inputs.


Outpost Omicron has a pretty good example of one of my opening cut scenes Flowlab Game Creator - OUTPOST OMICRON

And Gator Panic has an simple intro too Flowlab Game Creator - Gator Panic


I made a cutscene in Forever Knight, here it is if you want to check it out:

(don’t go to the town as it’s just a grey screen, but the graveyard is complete)

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