How to make Drag And Drop

How would one make it where you could pick something up and drop it (kinda Clash Royale style-ish)

move it with the coordinates of the mouse and the click as a switch

Screenshot 2019-03-03 at 11.31.34 PM

I got this far then didn’t know what to do

I was thinking that the X and Y of the Mouse Move would go into the switch, then position, but then how would it be able to tell the position???

Any suggestions on how to do this @grazer

I started on a setup, but haven’t fully finished it and won’t be able to send it by picture cause I’m at college. Though if you want to see what I have done so far, its on lv3 on roll, roll, mania.

It works but it drops automatically when not moving and wouldn’t be good if you have gravity on.

I’ll send it to you when finished.
Probably late tonight or tomorrow.
(You’re on right track with x and y going into switches)

Ok, so I have 2 models for the drag and drop.
It just depends if you have gravity on or not because it would drop the piece while your holding it.
This of course isn’t a problem with no gravity. Is this what you need @MagmaDude100?

No Gravity:

With any Gravity: