How to make enemies spawn if certain enemies are destroyed?

this is the last question pls help thank you

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Maybe have a thing connected to the destroy block and then send a message to a spawner that spawns whatever you want.

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like this [file:///home/chronos/u-ec4df87329bca4ddade9a392e18cc363ea942393/MyFiles/Downloads/Screenshot%202022-03-29%2011.09.09%20AM.png](file:///home/chronos/u-ec4df87329bca4ddade9a392e18cc363ea942393/MyFiles/Downloads/Screenshot%202022-03-29%2011.09.09%20AM.png)

wait like this? idk i cant figure out how to paste pictures Screenshot 2022-03-29 11.12.40 AM


What do you mean? Like the destroyed enemy spawns the others? If that is the problem, you can make a different spawner and use the message to send something to the spawner to activate.

What is the problem?

Sorry for the late reply but I need when you kill enemies at a certain number like for example if you kill 4 more will respawn

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Use a message block and filter to the spawner

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Like this