How to make it take damge with posimity

I tryed but it does not work and I want a suspific one

Screenshot 2024-05-13 9.06.55 AM

What are you trying to do?

It is only receiving the message once, so it checks the proximity for a second, then stops. I would use a switch with either an always behavior, or (what I would do) a repeating timer.


Once --------------- (off)
Mailbox (hit?) – (on) switch ---- (check) proximity–(input)
Always/timer ---- (in)

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I’ll try that later

can you show me an example bc I cant figure it out, or if someone else has an idea

I’m out right now, but if someone hasn’t helped you by the time I get back I’ll show you

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help? o_o

this is what I would do with the proximity, but even then the code is very jumbled. I would suggest using an actual cannon-ball object instead of an animation, the way it works is very strange and can definitely be streamlined. Anyways I would also up the proximity distance

it doesnt work

Did you read the bottom portion? It’s not working because it doesn’t sense the cannon ball in its vicinity. The only solution to this is to either turn up the proximity so that it senses the cannon, or to create a completely new object for the cannon ball.

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I want the same code

In that case then as I said, you may have to either switch to using raycasts, or up the proximity.

its still not working

I can make an example, but I’m going to have to change a lot of the code. If you’re wanting to keep it all the same I’m not sure what to tell you

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truce 2017 help me with it now it works

So the issue is resolved, or do you still require more help?

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its solved you can see for your self if I need help I’ll tell you

Okay good to hear! I’m glad the issue was resolved

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