How to make LoadLevel blocks work?

i want to make LoadLevel blocks send me to next level by touching them. no StarScore needed, there is no score in that game

From what I undertand, you want the player to go to the next level when they collide with something?

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Those hints are pretty good.

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If @Good_Games is correct its really easy then, just get a collision from Trigger section and choose the player (this is in the block you want to go to the next level) then get a level behaviour from Game flow and choose the level then connect it to Get input

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i want them to teleport to the next level by simply touching them. just when the player simply hits the block, it automatically teleports to the next level.

I’m super confused, the block or the player teleports to the next level?

a block that teleports to next level

and what i mean is that when the player touches the block, the player will teleport to next level

Your using “teleport” as a word here, but also “next level”.

From what your asking, it looks like you just want a collision in the object to start the next level after the player touches it. Collision behavior → NextLevel behavior.

But if you want to “teleport” the player, it sounds like you saying the “next level” is in the same level but in a different area. To do this, you would use the position behavior instead.

this is all you need:

Screenshot 2024-04-27 12.58.26 PM

{"data":{"behavior":{"v":"2","nodes":[{"inputCount":0,"outputCount":1,"name":"Collision","behaviorType":"logic.triggers.Collision","x":-270,"y":-32,"group":"","id":"20b467d6e0dffa43","notes":"Change the collison  object with the block that sends the player to the next level.","n_o":1,"targetClassId":19214006,"targetEntityId":0,"collisionFilter":15,"collideWithEntity":false,"delay":0},{"inputCount":2,"outputCount":2,"name":"LoadLevel","behaviorType":"logic.gameflow.NextLevel","x":0,"y":-32,"group":"","id":"20b5181ec559134a","levelId":-2}],"links":[{"input_id":"20b5181ec559134ai0","output_id":"20b467d6e0dffa43o0"},{"input_id":"20b5181ec559134ai0","output_id":"20b467d6e0dffa43o0"}]}}}

oh, okay! thanks! this probably helped me enough, i’ll try that!

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is this correct?
Screenshot 2024-05-08 12.27.52

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yes, that is correct. also for future reference if your ever making multiplayer (NOT recommended as a new player) if you put the next level object inside the player just that player will go to the next level however if you put it anywhere ALL players will go to the next level


Is the collision set to the player?

it didnt work, do i still have to add something? (btw the game is a single player game)