How to make money system

READ THIS NOW!!! how do i make a money system for my game so you can buy food for your pet and a counter and i want it to give you 1 dollar per sec and a upgrade that gives you 2 dollars per second please the store icon is at the top left of the screen and if you clicck on it it sends you to the store so then theres a money upgrade but it doesnt do anything but i want it to work.

I was gonna help till I saw this…

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what do you mean theres nothing there

just please help meeeee for me im a witltle coder

just send a message that will be added using the plus input of a number behaviour and display it with a label

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You’ve been coding for 3 months correct

what the heck idk if im blind or just straight dumb but what

@JR01 summoning (he has a shop example).

yey i cwan fwinaly live wat pweace

Here you go:

it works but the money in my game you gain overtime and a money upgrade but it costing money is good eneugh for now

timer-> get number-> plus (money value)

import code plz?

no one else has made an example so i put this together in 10 minutes