How to make multiple dialogue options?

Hello again! I was following 00T_Free 's dialogue bundle example with some tweaks in order to have a character that can have a conversation with the player and a different option for dialogue after delivering the correct item (the slime jar). My issue now is that I would like to have some other options, but I cannot get the same method I used for the item delivery to work in other cases. I’m still learning so I really appreciate the help in understanding!! Screenshots and link to game below :slight_smile:

^^System for delivering the item. The dialogue doesn’t trigger until the slime collides^^


^^Dialogue 1 is the initial dialogue, my thought is the input won’t go through unless the switch is on but it’s going through anyways?^^

Thank you again!!

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i may have figured it out actually! :slight_smile:


oh ok but get back to me if you need more help