How to make only an area of the character solid or colide with other objects?

I’ve been trying to find a way that my character can walk behind and trough obstacles. It works quite well, but the character is about 4 blocks high and 2 wide. I would like him to only have collision on at the legs, for a fake 3D result regarding the controlls.

I have tried to create the character sprite none solid and gave it a parent with the character controlls that has a much of the legs and all of the upper body removed. The Parent objects handles the way it should, but the child objects with the full character does not follow, or is delayed or only for some directions.

A test I made to showcase the issue:

To show the to objects, one with “Solid” the other without, are not standing on top of each other. The doorways have a separate object with a smaller collision area.

The result is quite odd. Maybe I am doing something obviously wrong?

Just make the character into a straight line, and make his sprites into an animation that he activates.

just look at my “zomboss” in my game

you could see that some plants can only hit his lower sides since it’s his true form and his sprite is just his animation.

you can also use this fact to make a character explode,
by making the character 3/3 long/wide and making the actual character 1/1 long/wide and do an animation that covers 3/3 long/wide.

Using an Animation… that was rather obvious. Thanks! Now I will see if I can make the character “disappear” behind that wall once he walked past it.

@grazer there should be a solidifier block.

@GwyD the controls are dizzying
can you replace them?
Right = down
down = left
left = up
up = right

I switched it to ASWD moving straight right left up and down instead of diagonal. If you move close to an obstacle, he disappears behind it… have to check regarding a solidifier block.

Wait, can I change the display order in the behaviours? Let’s say triggered via ray cast?

I tried to use the attacher to add the sprite from the L:ibrary which I had set to display order 2, but it still disappears behind the wall while standing “in front”. Also it appears to low, but I know why.

Ok, I have added the Wall with the Vault Doors to the background layer to make sure tha tthe character is displayed in front of the structur, or at least it looks that way.

New issue: Character does not longer “disappear” behind the wall.

I tried to use a raycast with an attacher for whe the character is within 45 pixel 270 degree to the wall colider (only the base of the wall for correct collision)
-Does not work.

I used the same as above with an animation that stops on the last frame that should display the full wall sprite in front of the character.

  • Does not trigger.

Any ideas? Thanks!