How to make the ball the other way

Okie Dokie me have another problem :sweat:

So basically iโ€™m trying to make the ball go to left when touching it but when the player touches the ball it just disappears. Can someone help please?..

I will need a picture of your code.

Can I have a link???

You donโ€™t want to emit. Even if you do, do the emit AFTER the destroy. This keeps it from killing itself before it can actually do anything

The reason the ball is disaparing is because the Destroyer behavior is being activated which will cause that object to get destroyed.

What they want to do is emit a clone of the soccer ball back. Then the creator gets destroyed. This will look just like a ball bouncing back

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If i get rid of the destroy the ball will just multiply

Put the destroyer after the emitter.

No. Put the destroy AFTER the emit. Connect the destroy block to the OUT of the emit

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Yes it worked but i want ball go left. when ball go left it disappear

I want the ball go to left not make stop disappearing

turn off objects expire

nothing happend just the same thing