How to make the spawn function spawn something randomly

Plz help. I spent so much time making the models for consumables for my game but now they are useless until I somehow know how to make them spawn randomly. their consume functions work tho. This is my game

Use randomizer

I did that

Do you have a spawner object to spawn the food?

Random for a random place on the X, and a random to pick a food.



Ok well turns out that it doesn’t work

Check out what it does in my game Its in the forest map. Also, pls don’t sue if ur computer melts

no one is going to sue you also it does not melt computers just adds a little lag

Ya see, the problem is that it always spawns in the same location. AND it always spawns somewhere where it isn’t its jurisdriction

Well there a few problems;

  1. The first random needs to be set in pixels, so between 15 and 946
  2. The timer is set to 1, so its possible to food to spawn on top of each other
  3. The range for food is Large

I would set the random with solution 1^, set the timer to 50 (5 seconds) and chance the food spawning from the second random form a 1 - 10. So every 5 seconds there is a 50% chance of food spawning.
You can change that, but I advise fixing the first random and not using 1/10 second timer (1).

Thx, the only problem was pixel thing. I thought it was blocks. I purposely set the timer to 1 because I wanted to make sure it works. Anyway, thanks for helping me last time and this time again.