How to make timer counting down?

Yes In my game work work work, you are on a deadline but all you could do is wait there with unlimited time NOT TODAY! need some back up calling game makers and FBI go go go!
thank you


timer → number [-1] → number (+) → label value


thank you for the help polite sir :slight_smile:

what is number(+)? Great sir?

Go into Logic & Math, then click number and click Help

Wow thank you mr.halo guy Im just to dumb to render sigh :frowning_face:

ummmmm still not working

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Because you’re plugging the -1 into 0’s “get” input, you need to switch it to the +

Ok thanks just learning

what do I set the timer to?

repeat forever

set that first number 1, not -1 so it goes up not down

should i leave label blank?