How to mimic an emitted object

How would I go about spawning an object that would behave in the exact same way as if it were emitted using these settings?
The primary issue here is that I do not know how to mimic the “Emit Force”, and I’m not quite sure whether or not “Expire After: 50” means it will expire after 5 seconds (1/10 of a second * 50), as units for these things are not specified anywhere that I can tell.

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yes it means 5 seconds

once → number → angle velocity (do this using jr01’s bundle since i don’t want to explain all of it)
to send the angle it should spawn at put the angle into the spawn input and extract starting value on the spawned object


So, what do I put for the “velocity” input of the angle to velocity bundle? Just “1”?

I think spawning the object with the rotation as a starting value and using forward velocity.