How to multiple "Number" by "Expression"

I tried with " * " but it not working.

Are there spaces between the numbers and the * ?

What does it look like in the expression?


Screenshot 2024-04-17 11.39.05 AM

There’s no space between numbers and the " * "

That looks right, how is it not working?
Could you leave a link to the game?

The code was like this:

And somehow it causes no DMG
Flowlab Game Creator - Cosmic Rift 3: The End of Chaos (Beta) here, the code is at the “Pioneers”.

It causes no damage because 0*2 = 0, multyplying by 0 will output 0.
You need to make A to be -5 in the expression or use B*(-5) instead.


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Oh yeah, it works, thanks for that man