How to- Multiple questions I have

I have a few questions that could really improve my game,

  1. How can I have separate skins unlockable and playable?
  2. How can I make it so that when you enter a room, place etc. that the rest of the level will get dark?
  3. How can I have different messages pop up on different levels of the game?
  4. How do I make a timer where if it runs out, the level will restart?
    (EDIT) 5. I have seen lots of times where the pixel character/object is bigger than 1 box space, how is this done?
    Please let me know!

I think I can answer all of these:

  1. Do you mean a character select? Grazer made an example, Here is the link:

  2. You can create a block, called wall or something, go into behaviors, select false on enabled, (so you don’t collide with it) set your player or anything in that room to 2 on number display so it pops up above the wall. Then you can make a dark animation and then give it a mailbox so it would trigger with a “Into the room” Message or something to make the Wall Blocks do the dark animation, and when you finish or something you could do the same thing but with a bright animation. If this is too confusing I can go into farther detail.

  3. If you want a different message to pop up when you interact with something, You could make each level a “level Block” or something that would message the “thing” a name/number and when you interact with it, it would know which one to play, Though I would just make a different block each time.

  4. This is a quick one, just put a timer and put the output into a restart level function, so when it ends you will restart the level. it If you want to see the time, you can just put it into a label block.

I hope none of these were too confusing and will help you!

Oh and for further in Question 1 you could use a save block so when you come back to the character select, you could pick more characters, or make a different level for different character selects.

Thanks @hiro.k but do you have a game example for number 2?