How to play different music on each level?

I copied this exact layout using 5 routes to 5 different sound effects. all 5 sound effects are beneath 10mb but it wont work. On the loadlevel thing i havent slected a level as said. How can i fix this?

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Did you copy and paste it? Or did you look at it and put the behaviors in manually? If it says you don’t have a level selected that means the “Once” is being inputted into the “Go” input to the “LoadLevel” behavior.
Make sure it is inputted to “Get”.
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i put the behaviours in manually, the once is going into the get of the loadlevel, in the loadlevel it says pick a level. I double checked and its the exact same. I just noticed when I play a level I get a soft blurry noise, did not have that before these behaviours .

Do you mind sending me a screenshot? Or a link to the game?

If i send you a link, your changes wont affect my game right?

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That’s correct. The problem might be that the levels aren’t defined by numbers.

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Yeah, if you edit a game that’s not yours in the bottom corner it will tell you that the changes will not be saved.

How would i do this?

Here you go.

I just found out, when I go to another tab in google I hear one sound effect play. But when I go back to the tab on which flowlab is on, I dont hear it anymore.

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I can’t make the first jump! :rofl: :skull: :skull: :skull:

Connect the LoadLevel to the router like this.

I know aha, I just changed it. Was because of a speed change.

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If the sounds only play once you might need to put it on loop…
Unfortunately that will make it sound awful. You could use timers and other ambience sounds to make it sound better.
(I am doing this in class so I don’t have the sound on so it may be fine how it is)

what’s for the out from the go input for?


Idk, it only ever outputs the bottom one but I just did both anyway.

Yeah, you only need the bottom one.

No, this is unnecessary, only the bottom output should be connected


I did what u did, I now hear the first sound effect on level 1 but on level 2 theres no sound effect anymore. Is it maybe because the doors at the end of the level ( which take me to next level ) go to next level instead of selecting the number in the name of the next level?

I can’t use sound. Someone else will have to figure that out cause I can’t without being able to listen to it. (I’m supposed to be doing a physics quiz rn)

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After only putting the bottom output like you said it works on every level except level 2. I cant see any problem with the code so i dont know whats wrong