How to put games in flowlab if you finish create it?

hello guys! can you help me how to post games in flowlab because my game called: Impossible Falling (2014) Played:10
likes:(5) i need to post it to share my game to the other i just only put the links i finding… anywhere in this website how to put games but i cant find it can you help me reply!!. Thanks. BTW here’s the game if you wanna play ((

You just post it like this! But NEVER post games in posts that are about something different. Thanks!

You just did post your game. I’m confused what your request is.

i want to post my games can you help me?? what should i do?

What do you mean by “post it”?

My own game

…What do you mean by “post your game”.
You have been posting all over the forums.

yeah how to post my own game didi you understand?

Reply to mhx air

[…What do you mean by “post your game”.
You have been posting all over the forums.]

mhx he just wants people to play his game and its okay to post a new thread but i don’t think if grazer wants posts to game links ALL OVER THE FORUMS like you said

Yeah, but I’m confused if he’s asking us to post his game everywhere, or something else. Either way, he only needs 1 topic, either people like it or not.
Pro Tip: Don’t be Google+ man. Nobody likes attempted force.

me too i have a question how to post my own game ok!! OWN! GAME! i dont know how to post it i search all over the forums and other stuff i dont know where is it. what should i do!

btw im his brother

Do you guys mean embedding it on a website?

That’s what I’m trying to find out.