how to set up sdk for admob

hey @grazer hope you are well i am having trouble setting up the sdk file for google admobs do you knowwhat i should do

Have you set up your account in google’s admod program and created a set, to copy/paste the link to the behavior? Also could you leave a link to the game?

yes @JR01 I set up my admob account I also set up the admob behavior and copy and pasted my app id to it not sure what you mean by leave a link to the game

When you go to “My games”, go to the game and press “Copy Share URL” and paste it here.
That is the link you can press to find the game on a web browser.

Hey @jt112211 - Ads only work on mobile devices, they do not show up in the browser. Are you testing on a mobile device?

You can test ads without connecting to AdMob by just using the default test settings that are applied when you create an Ad block. You can then go back and insert your own ad ids once you have it working the way you like.

@grazer thankyou for the response I have tested a banner ad but when Its in the google play store it still says test mode its not displaying the real ads its an android app

Did you re-export the game with the test ads off?

Also it usually it takes a little while before the ads to start working from admod. You just have to keep testing your game (replaying) on the phone for the admod ads to kick in. Make sure the test mode is off when you export your game again.

ok @“JR 01” I will reexport just to make sure