how to shoot specific bullets with specific gun

i need to shoot small bullets for a machine gun(when i press M)
and shoot sniper bullets with sniper (when i press N)
and basooka bullets (when pressing B )

Different sprites for each type of bullet, have pressing one button turn off switches connected to the output of the others, and have emits connected to the corresponding types of bullets. If you need an example, one of the users can help you, or I can do a new one tomorrow.

ok id like on tomorrow or when you have time

seems you have summoned a flowlab weapon speicialist would you like a small inventory or are the items instantly given to you

like things i have in a visible inventory

thatd be cool thanks

like three weapons in my inventory
will you make an example for me?

ok one quick question do you want the player to collect the weapons or do they get all of them or is there a starter gun and you have to collect the rest?


all of them with me at first

thats easy itll be done before tomorrow

ok thanks for the help dude
did you know that KA11561 is my brother

ask him

yeah its true

see your work tomorrow and thanks

@KA11561 @XxnoethomasxX no need the demos already done

hey @glithctyrus can i credit you for helping me on my guns thing and inventory?

on my game

yea of coures