How to stop my character from continuously moving?

I’m trying to figure out how to stop my character from moving without me pressing the key,
I set left and right to a and d and I click them once and the character continuously move’s even if my finger is off the key

What kind of game are you making? Is it a platformer or top-down game? If you share the link that would be helpful.

My guess is that you turned off “affected by gravity” so the player isn’t pulled to the ground anymore. That causes the player to float over the ground without any friction. But if it’s a top-down game you have to set the velocity to 0 after you stop holding down a key.

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its kinda in the middle

hi ive been looking for someone to tell me the problem for this im new to game developing and i dont know to set the velocty to 0 after ive got the basic movement done but i dont know what to do to stop my character from moving

Um, this is a year old discussion. I would recommend not gravedigging old discussions.

ok sorry did not know that as i said im pretty new.

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It’s okay, just try not to make it much of a habit. Also I would recommend making a new topic if you have trouble with something and someone is sure to help out.

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