How to take off wall slide/jump?

Its really annoying and my actor can just wall jump all the way up a singular wall.I hate that.

Yes! same here trying to find a answer if i get one i will tell you

here is a pic to do it.Screenshot 2015-02-03 at 6.22.46 PM
um this is the basics of it… also I bet there is a better way…

Add a collison going into a switch that allows the “jump” command to go through. Set the collsion to down.
Wall jump

Rezzing thread to comment: This really ought to be put into the help section on basic platform movement and jumping here:

I followed the tutorial and was perplexed at how to stop the Sprite from being able to keep jumping to crazy heights. This code that explains how to prevent that, the code here in the post directly above this one, ought to be put into the Resources_Behaviors_Cookbook_Platformer section at that link there.

super spring what do i copy in your picture

It was Fireblade’s that helped me. I followed that part exactly and it helped.

Okay thanks

@FireBladeBRO how would i do that with a automatically moving character, using an always instead of keyboard