How to tell the game the mouse is no longer moving?

I have an object, not affected by gravity, moving up when triggered by Mouse (y).

When the mouse stops moving, the object continues moving up. I do have a solution to terminate the movement, but have only done so with the keyboard triggers. ( With the keyboard trigger, not repeating, I have the UP outputs connected to a number 0 connected to (forward) velocity. Forward =up )

Given my previous example, I want to do something similar to the mouse movement trigger. However, I do not know of a method to have a behavior detect that the mouse is no longer moving up. (In other words, there’s no y"stop" output, if that makes any sense.") I have tried filters and extractors, but to no avail they did not work. I probably attempted incorrectly.

Any solutions?

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are asking for. You can detect whether the mouse is moving by whether anything is coming out of the mouse move trigger outputs.

Here is an example where the block only shows up if the mouse is not moving:


Oh…well, the only question I have is why the Mouse trigger overrides the initial always trigger??

Triggers fire in order from left to right, so you can arrange them in the order you would like them to run.

First the always trigger fires, then the Mouse trigger overrides it.