How to use a homing attack

In my game, i have an item called the seeker, its supposed to find the player in front of that player (who released it) and hit them with it. Ive tried many things but the seeker couldnt find the player in front, how could i do this? maybe @JR01 ?


Like a homing missile?

if so, you can extract the players position x and y, have it point at the player.

and always going (however fast you want it) forward.

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with the point at behaviour btw

If you do extract other objects I suggest making globals for the positions.

Homing Missile Example

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Here’s another one:

Thanks but how would I make it follow the person in front of them say for instance a person is in 6th place, the homing missle will go for the player in 5th place, this is for a racing game.

just have variables like first place X, first place Y, then assign them to sprites based on their location compared with others.

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You have to get the target X and Y and put it in the homing missile.

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