How to use ease tool?

I am trying to make my slimes squish and stretch. i have made another topic about this, they said to use the ease tool, but i dont exactly know how to use it, so if you can give me an answer, plz tell me.

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Well you have a from and to option that is exactly what it means, it starts at the value of from and ends at to. You can set the time it takes from “from” to “to”

Ease is a block in logic and math

You’ll need the size behavior to change the X and Y length of an object, which can squeeze and stretch the sprite.

You can use Ease behaviors ranging from 100 (for the size behavior, it means 100% of its original size) to whatever size you want the X or Y value to be.

You can make an objects size value go over 100 which makes it bigger, or under 100 which makes it smaller until it reaches 0 then it just disappears.

I think the max size is 400% or something around there. But I’m not for sure. I think it just disappears when it reaches over the max value possible like if it reached 0.

For example of the ease behavior, if you want the objects X size to shrink. You could use a linear ease behavior for a constant decrease with the starting value being 100 and let’s make the TO value to 20. So the X length of the object will shrink from 100% of its original size down to 20% while the Y value stays the same unless it is changed with a number or ease input as well.
You can reverse the numbers to have it grow from its original squeezed size back to its original.

For a slime, you would mostly want its Y to decrease and the X to increase when it’s squished to make it seem that gravity has an effect on its gelatinous body.


To achieve squishy slimes, use the ease tool. Set “from” and “to” values; it animates from “from” to “to.” You can adjust time duration