How to use messaging and mailbox to affect another level. Help plz!

So for my game, Im having a character selection part where the player can chose from 4 characters. After they chose a character, how do I make it to where the character selected is the only one that is spawned. I’m trying to use messaging where the character selected sends a message to the respective spawner in another level to spawn the character but it is not working. PLZ HELP.

Game: “choose from 4 characters: 1 2 3 4”
Player’s choice: 1
Transition to BattleField
Game: Character 1 is spawned.

The message block does not work between levels. What you will have to do instead is use the save block in the gameflow behaviors. You can do this by making a different value save into the block depending on what character you chose and once you change levels the spawner will read the saved value of the save block. Connect this to a filter to go off only when the number you want the character to be is outputted. Make sure the save blocks in both behaviors have the same name or else they won’t be reading the same values

Check out my game, has exactly what you need, Character selection screen, 4 characters and a spawn point on another level

I actually can’t believe how much @“Daniel Folston” 's game is exactly what you’re asking for, @misbah728 :lol:

Lol yea I appreciate that! Thanks @BitWit and @Daniel Folston!

No problem, Good luck on your game!

Follow up question. The game I’m doing now has two players meaning the character choice appears twice. @Daniel Folston the game you have im trying to model will spawn the character on the level when the player is trying to chose the second character. How do I Fix that? I even tried switching using save blocks but that seemed to cause more problems. Also, another question, I know we discussed that message/mailbox methods can’t be used between levels but can Save behaviors?

@misbah728, saves do work across any level of the game.
They’re the only behavior that will work across multiple levels.
Saves are used to store a number to used later (such as money, points, savestate or even like a switch when using filters)

Aight guys, I bring you my first game: lucid fist! its basically a game similar to super smash but more primitive. To play you need another person to battle. It’s somewhat complete and works with some exceptions (like the ending screen). Thanks for all the help!