How to use Scroll View to follow Character

Autoscroll is all you need. Just press + and - on the directions you want to scroll, until the box reaches the edges of where you want to see. Manual input is for special tasks, like in old 2D games, holding up for a bit made the screen scroll up until you let go. Manual camera is annoying, unless you need to use it. Just stick with autoscroll.

Maybe go here: and watch video 5

Thanks guys I followed the autoscrolling details and set up the - and + to where I wanted but the game keeps showing the middle of the map upon respawn? What is happening?

You have some inputs to your camera - try deleting those and let it auto-scroll.

I have placed the camera in the behavior with the main character, I have connected it to nothing else, I have x to 95, and y to 9 with autoscroll box marked for each one, and camera is all over the place, cant even play the game. Any further ideas?

Are there multiple character objects, or something that is child to it?