How to use Scroll View to follow Character

I want to make a long level but I don’t know how to make the camera follow the character.

Just add a scroll view camera in the characters behaviors.
Turn on autoscroll x and y, then extend the map to the right, if you want more camera that direction. I did what you said but with no luck. I think I am just confused

heres how to do it and some other easy stuff:

lol you spelled scroll wrong. See? Extend to the right on the scroll view. Good video SC.

lol oops

I never check my spelling XD

Nice work :slight_smile:

Why does it say demo mode?? i didn’t put that :confused:

You’re using the free version of the recorder.


Any update now that scroll view is removed and only camera remains>?


Scrollview was too confusing for some people, so it was renamed to camera to be more obvious and easier to find.

Hey I used to be able to control with scroll view, now I am confused how to configure camera settings to follow the main character

Its identical

Excepts for move x move y, set x , set y, confused because its not scrolling correctly, and when game resets screen is off and not on character

Set X and Y are the same as before, Move X/Y are offsets meaning theyre additional change

I am sorry, having trouble, so on the main character I would add this behavior and connect it to what? Jump and move area?

Please advise, frustrated not sure where to tie in the camera control to.

those inputs are for advanced use.

Instead, open the properties panel in there, and use the four steppers to create a field, and itll automatically scroll for you