How to use User Interface layer

How should I add labels, scores etc?

  • if I add an object into UI layer, I need to create a graphic for it, then edit behaviors, and add a label
  • as I only want the label, I actually need to create an invisible object or put it outside the screen - is this really how you should do this?
  • also, there might be a bug: when I change the level the label disappears

Gui nodes dont work in the ui layer

If you are just trying to add a label, you don’t need to add any objects to the UI layer. All you need to do is add a label to the behaviors of any game object.

Adding objects to the UI layer means that they do not have any physics (no collisions or gravity) and they do not scroll when the game layer does. You can use the UI layer to create custom objects like buttons or menus if needed.