How was the Website made?

The third topic today. Woo… Okay, so my head has gotten some random questions for no reason.
I know the forums were made with Discourse. But how was the website made?
Also, @JR01 has been really helpful to me. Thank you. was made 8 years ago by a single man with a dream.

That man is @grazer, and he is still changing, fixing, and updating the website to this day. If you have account issues, bugs, business inquiries, or some major help with Flowlab, he’s the man to talk to.


Do you mean single man as in 1 person or a single man?

I don’t understand the difference in what you’re comparing…

Flowlab was/is made by 1 person, Grazer.

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I meant single man as in 1 person or a person without a girlfriend/boyfriend idk what he’s into.

lol we wouldn’t know that much about him, I’m afraid :sweat_smile:

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oof 20

technically we know the answer to that question, but it would be better unsaid

lol grazer has a wife. :slight_smile:

Yes Indeed Affirmative Agreed