HTML Keeps Crashing my Games (and other problems)

Flash is pretty much withering away at this time and we are using HTML instead. I upgraded my account to HTML, thinking it would be a good idea. But I am having major problems with HTML that is hindering my Flowlab experience.
When I used Flash in the past, my games worked properly, and (nearly) followed my exact specifications for how the game would work. However, when I upgraded to HTML, I only had about 5 minutes to edit/play my games before it crashes and resets ALL of my progress. And the “Label” block does not function properly: it keeps vanishing from the screen, even when it’s alpha was set to 100; it is impossible to write texts when the “enter” key is pressed to make another line; the preview of the text does not update when something new is typed; text alignment keeps resetting to “left”, even when changed to “center” or “right”. Because of these errors, using “Label” blocks is not as easy as it once was. I am currently making a game called “Astro Royale” (its unlisted, and I won’t list it until it is in its “Beta” stages) and because of all of these bugs, I cannot work on this game. It has even proven to be difficult to edit my other games, like “Pixel Sports” and “Porky’s Nightmare”.
@grazer I understand that you are trying your best to make work well with HTML, I just made this discussion to point out these issues that is making Flowlab very difficult for me to work with. It’s not like I hate Flowlab now, but I am getting frustrated with these bugs. That being said, HTML does lag my computer less than Flash did.

And before I forget, I am using Google Chrome to use

When youve edited a game with flash for a while and then you switch to html it tends to mess everything up. I remade my game in html because of that, it just takes a little bit to get used but its way better.

I guess you’re right @“Johnny boy” , but I’m not sure if that is the case with the label always disappearing in the editor.