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For all the fans (me, myself and I) of the people who made the Hurrian Hymns aka the Ancient Hurrians. Best artists ever tbh

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my link ends in a zero wow

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there’s a channel on yt that’s been uploading a bunch of hurrian hymns and if you want to talk about the interpretation of one of the hurrian hymns that was uploaded on that channel but you don’t know where it originally came from just call it like “Artz Praxis’ Interpretation” bc their username ends in “Artz Praxis”
so like for example take this interpretation of Hurrian Hymn No. 2:

Because I don’t know who’s interpretation of Hurrian Hymn No. 2’s tablet from 1225 BC (did you know their debut album took THAT LONG to finish? Started in 1400 BC with Hurrian Hymn No. 6 and ended in I think 1225 BC. Their second album made with didnt even take that long to finish. To be fair Hurrian Hymns had 36 songs and 1400 BC had 11 songs & did take 3424 years to even start being made), I’d call this “Hurrian Hymn No. 2 (Artz Praxis’ Interpretation)”.

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Hurrian Hymns megapost:
Geometry Dash but you play as a Hurrian Hymn -
1400 BC, the Ancient Hurrians’ second album -

POLL: Which is the better Ancient Hurrians album?

  • Hurrian Hymns
  • 1400 BC
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“Hurrian Hymns”: Hurrian Hymn No. 6 (Michael Levy’s Interpretation)
“1400 BC”: A Hymn From The Past To The Future

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Ong you can hear remnants of H6 (Michael Levy’s Ancient Lyre Interpreration) in many other interpretations like in that first part where he goes across the lyre making that druruurururu sound you can uear that in his “hymn to nikkal” interpretation and brayden olsen’s interpretation oml…

Music was bad until Hurrian Hymn No. 6. Like, listen to the dinosaurs. What a terrible band. Sure, their short songs (otherwise known as “dinosaur cries”) are iconic but the Ancient Hurrians are just simply better. Hurrian Hymns birthed real music that truly speaks to your soul. And their second album released 3424 years later “1400 BC” truly is just giving more content to the dedicated fans of the Hurrian Hymns. You need to be deep in the Hurrian Hymn scene to know about their second album. Most people only know Michael Levy’s “An Ancient Lyre” interpretation or Brayden Olsen’s interpretation but some people truly remember the greats. This sounds satire but i promise it’s not.