I am making a team

i am looking for a team to make an adventure game I am looking for experienced artists and coders


could i join i good i think

yeah you can join but what do you do art or coding?

I could help. I do art and coding.

ok then do you have discord to talk on?

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i can do coding if you want

yeah thats ok also you can code

i could possibly talk on discord

we can also talk in pm

Yeah my name is John Shrekinson but I forgot my tag number so you will just have to go on my YouTube channel (John Shrekinson) then join my server to find my profile and invite me from there. Alternatively, you could also wait until I go home.

alright ill wait till you get home

I am fairly experienced, you can check out my work, and see if you’d like having me.

alright ill check it out and come back to you

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i check your work that you have done the work looks good, and you can be on the team if you want


I’m totally down, as you can see, I mostly do strategy games. But I can use some of the same mechanics work for adventure :crossed_swords:


John Shrekinson #3270

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alright mine is sharafzada#8655

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is there any underscores?

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alright but it wont let me friend you

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