I am new to flowlab

how do i make my game visible. when i search up my game in flowlab my game doesn’t appear.


your game should automatically appear when you search it. If it dosent report it as a bug or something

is there some kind of post button or does my game appear automatically

does it have something to do whith my type, i`m free-type

It should appear automatically, regardless of your account type

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If the game is set to public, then it is searchable.
The Search does not handle special characters right now.

Or do you mean you can’t find your game on the “My Games” page?
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it is on public,
i don`t know what you mean with special characters

Special characters as in anything that is not a letter or number:

(This also means if you have a game that uses these characters, then it is harder to find.)

Also what is the game called?


Bit i changed it to Hell run

Weird, it shows up when I type “Hell run” but not when I use “hell run”.

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No the name is «hell run» not Hell run :grimacing:

well that explains why you cant search it up. It has special characters in the name.

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JR is correct, you just need to use a capital H when searching for the game.


Welcome @Rolufio search up the game exactly how it is spelled. Capitalization doesn’t usually matter but with your game, however, I can only see it when capitalizing the H. Very weird.


How do you get those gold titles by Your names?

And thanks for all the help

When you earn a badge here on the Forums (an automated system), you can assign the badge title on your profile page and it displays it next to your name. If you win a Flowjam Contest, you can request a :trophy: title.


Do you know any badges that are easy to get

you gain badges from being active, completing tutorials, and liking posts

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The list of badges are displayed here: