I am not AI (An introduction?!)

Greetings, my name is Ember.

(I realized that I haven’t made an introduction.)

A bunch of users have been referencing to me as ChatGPT or some other AI. I am not AI, but a human being living somewhere in the beautiful Northwest. I am using Flowlab to create video games, aside from my actual job, which I will not reveal…yet.
I love to design aircraft and electric vehicles and sometimes am on the OTC. I mainly use the community lounge for sneak peaks at games not yet shown on ‘Updates and Announcements’. I try to be on as much as possible, most of the time that means every day. I am not on Flowlab to chat with strangers, but to learn and have fun.

About the AI thing:

So, many of you suspect that I am an AI, (I am not taking it literally, don’t worry), but in the real world, you would think I was a teenage nerd. To people I know, I chat like a boring careless person, using things like IRL, LOL, XD, and no capitals like a teenager. I only use the grammar displayed on the Forums when talking to important or random people or when writing a book. If you don’t believe me, look at my earlier posts, not very good grammar. I am not an AI and have no idea why any of you would be led to think so. I have good grammar because I care and studied it to an extent in my childhood.

My age will be hidden and so will my voice and appearances. I have three names for security and no stranger will ever know which one is the true one.

I love to play video games like Halo (4,5, and Infinite mainly) when I have time, mostly on weekends.

During the summer I will be on earlier and maybe even 2 times in one day. Most of this is to keep down notifications, as they are very frequent (10-30 each day). If the notification number goes down, I might be on a little less. I think the Forums are sort of getting to me, I am on so frequently and any time now, I could be bribed to spill private information. I will try as hard as I can to prevent this but, I guess this is what one obtains, other from hippieness, on a public Forum.

If any reader had comments or questions, post them below.

Until then,

-Ember Ren Yatoshi




I am one of the worst users here.

Should I leave for the good of the Forums?
  • Yes please, you are an pain in the rear
  • No, although you are annoying

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It seems that I am just messing things up.

Please don’t leave, You’re a actual pretty cool dude that I like chatting with.


Also I do not think you act like a AI, I know you just wanna have good grammar.

… Really? I thought no one liked chatting with me. Thank you though, I really need motivation.
I just spent nearly a day’s-worth of hours on a Flowjam game that I thought could get top 50 and everyone gives it a D or E.
I just found that I was one of the most annoying users of Flowlab.
I am quite down, that you again!

I make too many spelling mistakes.


I don’t find you annoying. You don’t act immature, you don’t go off-topic (not that I know of), you don’t spam (not that I know of).

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I definitely do, please be honest.

Neither. You’re not annoying and I don’t think you should leave. I love everyone here, just sometimes things happen. You’re good man, stay here and make games and share them with the world! That’s all CA and I want the forums to be, because they used to be that way, not memes and flooding good topics with random stuff.

Please stay, really.


I wouldn’t mind chatting with you if it were on a topic we both liked, but that’s with everyone I talk to. You seem like a really fun person to hang out with.


I apologize if I ever doubted the ability of any of you to be allowed on the internet. I just lost my respect in a moment of anger. I still think what I said is true though, and that the forums need a bit of manhandling. Although, I think you’re great, so please don’t take anything I said as if I were telling you that you’re the worst, because that’s not what I was saying I swear.


I am being honest.

If you leave I’ll actually cry, please don’t.


Same, BionicleOnTop, same. Ember don’t leave us, you’re really fun to be around!


I am very grateful. I have decided that I will stay.


I just made my first official Profile picture! Prototype 1.


I’m going to start Unreal Engine sometime (Hopefully soon), I won’t be developing any games on Flowlab for a while, but I’ll still sign into the Forums Daily. First though, I have to finish some stuff:

1: The Vironia Campaign.
2: Virus Apocalypse.
(Probably won’t be anytime soon.)
Just a heads up.


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