I am ready for a fresh start

I am having trouble coming up for legit ideas that will work on a free account. I have decided 3 categories that I feel as I will have fun making.
Adventure. A adventure to the 4 kings. Fire, Water, Sun and earth.
Parkour. A Mixture of all sorts of themes from gaming to nature.
Zombie waves. A ultimate journey to survive waves of zombies.
Just let me know which one. I will then start asking questions on how to do stuff I don’t know how to do.
After I am finished, I will comment the link

Choose option “Adventure.” The theme sounds cool.

Ok I am going to take votes until 4/10/20

I going to have to agree with @Superstargames and say Adventure

I think I will shorten it to 4/5/20 to not keep you guys waiting. Myself included!


Definitely Adventure

I was expecting parkour, what a surprise!

Not really into sport, but Adventure is definitely the best. Even though waves of Zombies is fun, it sounds more like a mini game than an actual game.

4 days. Put your votes. Also thanks for the feedback @“The Kodex” . If I ever do this again, (Probably not) I might rethink my categories

Im gonna be the odd one here and put zombie waves

Wait… shouldn’t the Sun and fire elements be the same thing? Because the Sun can start fires, and the Sun is supposedly a giant fireball (made out of plasma and lots of hydrogen).

Yes and no because the sun is super different from fire from density to how hot they are. They have some major differences. Still, if adventure wins, (Probably at this rate) I will ask if anybody wants me to change sun to like magic or something. Thanks @Superstargames

True. You’re right.

I know this isn’t related to this, but I started making a game and I wanted to know if you liked it https://flowlab.io/game/play/1302336 Arrow keys to move and blue stuff is checkpoints. It says scary game but its just a parkour map

The votes are in. Adventure is the game I will make. @Superstargames I was thinking to change sun to wind. Anybody else like that idea?

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Ok, I am going to start creating it. If there is any more suggestions for the game, just let me know