I believe I have found a multiplayer bug.

The title pretty much explains the whole thing. But a detailed response is always the best, right?

So in a new multiplayer game that I am making (secretly), I was play-testing to see how the game would go. But for some mysterious reason, my introduction screen wouldn’t go away, and the website would go into this crash-like state. Opening the editor doesn’t work as it just puts a smaller version of the game on-screen. Curious, I opened the console log and found this error.
Flowlab Game Creator - Pixel Sports Dungeons - Google Chrome 5_28_2020 10_10_40 PM
@“grazer”, I am no programmer, but I think that the error has something to do with the multiplayer host unable to load/unload levels. The weird thing is that I wasn’t connected at all to any other player (not even myself). In fact, my connection to multiplayer was disabled. This bug does not seem to occur when testing the behavior logic while in the editor. So this bug is rather strange, and it doesn’t happen all the time, but it makes it near impossible for me to play-test my game, as I continuously have to refresh the page and pray that my game doesn’t crash.

Hey @Superstargames technically you are a programmer, just not a script. Lel not a big difference but yeah…
This bug sucks for my game resetting in SCP: World’s end, so I just use saves.