I can not make good leg movement for my walk cycle

for the life of me I cannot get the legs to look right, I’ve got an idea of what it will look like but yet I can’t get the legs right, I’ve spent so long on this on animation so i am finally asking for help.

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I found this run cycle tutorial on saint11’s website!

saint11’s tutorials have helped me in a lot of different ways over my gamedev journey. you can check em out here: Pixel Art Tutorials - Saint11



i know how to make the leg movement, its just i cant get it to look right

but i know how to make it, its just that i dont know how to turnj it into a pixel art format that fits the style of the character and doesnt look bad

i also jsut dont know how to make the diagnols look good

@sup3r87 i also should have replied so i guess this will work

Ah, I see. One thing I would recommend is making the back leg darker (similar to the tutorial). This way you can see which leg is which and it’s much easier to tell how the legs are moving. You’ll also save you (and your players) from the headache induced by figuring out which leg is which.

i did it and i still cant get the diagonals on the legs to look good @sup3r87

whoops sorry, haven’t opened the forums in a while. I’m a little too busy to help right now, but best of luck.

im never gonna get the first version in a month

A good basic walk cycle will have a couple basic aspects:
a down pass, where the body is lower, anticipating the next step
an up pass, which has the legs pushing the body upwards
a pose with legs outstretched in opposite direction linking the two

here’s a good diagram to show you

you can also do ridiculously simple walk cycles that still work, as long as you get the basic poses in there, like this famous megaman run cycle (it’s only 4 frames)

If you’re still confused, you can also look up examples of video game walk/run cycles and use those as references! there are a ton of great ones out there