I cannot believe it. All of my progress that took hours upon hours upon hours to do, gone in a snap.

I was creating the design for my shop that doesn’t need a different level, when I saved and left to make a different post on the forums. When I came back about a minute ago, everything was gone.
What’s going on?

If you lost internet signal or weren’t signed in, nothing saves. If you didn’t play the game and refresh, it also may not have saved. Always hit play.

Yeah, I think I might have skipped that. Thanks! Oh, and I submitted a game for your Show off your best work post. (=

Yah Grazer Needs To Stop Updating FlowLab Couse He’s Making It Worse


Not casting judgment but… why are you so convince that grazer is hurting the site, how about you try actually using website and see what bugs you personally run into. In my experience most “bugs” are user error. And a lot of the actually glitches that need to be fixed are rather obscure and are rarely game breaking. Grazer updating flowlab doesn’t effect these, and normally fixes bugs that were already in existence due to the way in which flowlab runs.


Its not cause of updates, but more like internet connection @GrimProdutionZ.
Nothing will save if you ever lose connection. Always checking connection, hitting play, and finally refreshing the page is a good way to make sure everything saves.

Actually Not the save thing its the coding its change so much when you use the run and jump it wont jump OOF


  1. Why comment then a post about a save issue
  2. Yes, coding has changing so it works better and so more can be used on Flowlab and also as browsers and computers update.
  3. If you provide a link, there are several people in here dedicated on finding problems.
    I can help/make most things from other 2D indie games using Flowlab

play my game plz https://flowlab.io/game/play/1218767

Whats wrong with it, there’s just a bunch of sprites.
Your complaining about code when there’s no code in it.

If you want to show off sprites then please don’t place it on a post discussing on how to fix a problem.

The run and jump bundle isn’t a bug, it’s just from like 2013 or something long ago and sucks. It needs to be updated.

Disconnect the wire from “Jump button key (up)” and connect the On/Off switch (out) to itself (off).

Back in the early flowlab, you couldn’t connect stuff to itself. Now you can. Letting go of jump when you hit the ground locks jumping, so if you connect the switch to itself, it locks as soon as you jump, instead of when you let go, so jump won’t break.

That’s not a bug, like JR 01 said, most “bugs” are user errors using bad wiring. grazer has done a fantastic job upgrading flowlab since 2012. It’s a whole different system now.

If there’s ever an issue with a game, a long description and a screen recording help a ton, with deciding if it’s the user messing up, or actually flowlab that is messing up.