I cannot get into my own game

@grazer I was working on a game for a while now but for some reason everytime I press play or edit it comes up with a 404 error

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 9.39.21 AM

Link to game?

here you go @grazer

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be working for me either.

both me and @“The Kodex” put quite a bit of work into this game and I really don’t want to lose it

Works for me fine!

let me check again

nope still does not work for me @“The Kodex”

I checked, and I is still “Displayed on Game List” so I have no Idea why only I can access it!

it is still Displayed on Game List for me I just cannot get in when I press play or edit @“The Kodex”

I can not only play it, but edit as well with no problem… @grazer ?

hey @“The Kodex” I am still trying to get in but I noticed none of my games or you games on the game list are working @grazer please help there are a lot of games that I put a bunch of effort into on there!

I also noticed that it is happening with other people’s games, like this one.

I’ve only seen this happen to games that have been deleted for a long period of time.

I have never deleted ANY of these games!

I’ve noticed that these glitches/bugs are starting to happen to more and more games, so it seems like it is becoming a growing problem.

I see…

@“The Kodex” and @seamothmaster45 - it looks like this game is created/owned by @“The Kodex”, who has a student account. The teacher that controls that account has set it to “private” meaning only that teacher’s students can view those games, they are no longer public on the internet.

@“The Kodex” - maybe you can ask your teacher about it? It’s possible that it was unintentional.

oh I see…

well @“The Kodex” that is actually really good because it means that there is nothing wrong with flowlab!