I can't change my profile picture

Hello, I have been to the new profile site for users, and when I update my profile picture, it updates, of course, but when I reload the page, or go to another page on the Flowlab website and back, it just reverts back to my old one. Is this a bug?

You need to change your avatar on “profile” of the main website (not the forums) and it should change

Change it here:

@JR_01 Yes, I have been attempting to change it there, however, once again, when I reload, it won’t save.

Avatar images are cached, so it may take some time to show up. It could also be cached by your browser. I see a guy in a blue cop hat as your avatar, is that the correct one?

No. It is supposed to be the dialogue icon for Madeline from Celeste.

Hmmm weird I seem to be having the same problem @MidoriyaSTDC1

It took me like 20 tries to get this profile picture visible, so I understand where you two are at.

After you change your profile pic on the main site, don’t you have to logout then log back in on the forum site for you to see the new pic?

oh! your right @buy3get5free I logged out and back in and my new profile picture showed up!

P.s. how do you like it?


Oh! Thank you @grazer. I was wrong, it just was taking a while to show up. Apologies for any inconvience.