I cant destroy an object please help(Solved)

Here’s the picture whenever the tutorial is destroyed for some odd reason the tutorial exit will not destroy itself also the tutorial pauses the game but that’s why I have a Timer.

Here is a link to my game called Monster County also tell me what you think the problem is.

  • It was the timer or the tutorial.
  • It’s a flowlab bug.
  • I have my own opinion and will comment on it.
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From what you’re saying, it sounds like the tutorial and tutorial exit are different objects.

The code looks like when it’s clicked, it’ll send a message, then delete itself. I’m not sure what object this is in, but make sure you’re sending the message to the correct object and the object receives the message and deletes itself. Even without seeing the game (on mobile so I can’t check) I can almost guarantee you it’s not a Flowlab bug.

Yea they are different objects also they are in the user interface layer. and also the x button is the one sending the message and that works because it deletes the tutorial object but the problem is that the destroyer is not working because it receives the command to destroy the object but it does not do the command.

Your constantly spawning more escape buttons…


Thank you I didn’t think that I made that mistake.

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