I can't open my game!

Oh well, there’s grazer (i think)

Yep, There’s Grazer (20)

Hey @Electronic_Studio,

I took a look at your game, and it looks like you found a bug. You had an object “Fade Box 2” in your game, and something had a collision trigger set to activate when colliding with that object. Because “Fade Box 2” has no collisions enabled it was causing a problem with the physics engine. I removed the Fade Box 2 object, but maybe remove whatever collisions are looking for that object before you add it back in.

This obviously shouldn’t cause a crash, so I’m not 100% sure what’s going there yet, but your game is up and running again.


@grazer is a life saver xD


@ShadowGaming Yes, I agree. I appreciate the fast help ^^