I can't seem to get the rotation behavior working. Also need help with the velocity behavior.

I feel like I keep posting on the forums too often, but the guide is no help as half the time all it does is explain what the behavior is and nothing else

The setup looks like this


I’m in a scenario where the player is always going up unless they press down, so the 260 degrees is the player looking almost straight up, but then when they press down it should go to 80 degrees so the player is looking almost straight down. But instead it simply does nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Also yes, I did enable rotation on the object.

The second issue I’m having is that when a player is underwater, I want them to automatically move forward (to the right) slowly by using the number 1. But then when they shoot up from the water and they’re hitting air, I want them to automatically move back (to the left) by using the number -2. I tried using the proximity behavior, the collision behavior, I placed invisible blocks with enabled collision and named them air so the proximity and collision behavior would work but no matter what I did it would always just move the player to the right, and occasionally if they came out of the water it would move them back -2 but then once they go back into the water it would continue, it was overall very buggy.

Thank you very much, I couldn’t find any discussions on this topic so thank you.

the “set” input doesn’t send an output because it’s blue. Only white inputs send an output (exception to “start” in timer which is very confusing imo).

@Latif3 Oh yeah that’s pretty odd, thank you this fixed it. I also was in the middle of updating this discussion because I didn’t want to spam too many posts. Not sure if you know anything about my other issue but if you do it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you give me a link to your game? Can’t really do a lot with only an explanation of the issue.

@Latif3 Ah well this is why I used screenshots only because I didn’t really want to share it at all until it was finished but here it is

So when they’re in the water, they move slowly forward by using the number 1, then when they hit the air it should go backwards by -2. I deleted all the behaviors as it was completely broken.

Also just as a sidenote all the assets are temporary and only for placeholder purposes.

Try to copy this:

Added three more behaviors to your player object (red arrows), the switch is on by default.

@Latif3 Thank you, Ill be on this asap.